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High Gate Ruins


High Gate Ruins is a Nordic ruin located to the west of Dawnstar, and north-north-east of Ustengrav. This is where the dragon priest, Vokun rests. It is possible that a Frost Troll may have to be neutralized, before battling the Dragon Priest.


High Gate RuinsEdit

Upon entering the ruins, you will meet a woman named Anska. She asks for your help retrieving a scroll from the tomb in the quest A scroll for Anska.

Along the way thereĀ are some draugr and pressure plates to trigger various spike traps.

High Gate Ruins CatacombsEdit

Vokun's Throne RoomEdit

This room is where the final encounter with Vokun takes place.

Notable items: - Vokun (item)

- Spell Tome: Conjure Flaming Familiar

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