Unrelenting Force
Shout Unrelent.png
Type Shout
Recharge 15, 20, 45
ID 00016cf0
Force rune.png

Force (Fus)
Balance rune.png

Balance (Ro)
Push rune.png

Push (Dah)
Your Voice is raw power, pushing aside anything — or anyone — who stands in your path.

This shout is likely the first to be learned and mastered. It can be used to stagger a target, and has a good chance of pushing attackers away. The shout is particularly useful for spell casters and archers who may be less powerful than warriors. It can throw foes quite a distance distance allowing ranged-attack oriented characters to continue their attacks.

Melee-oriented characters should try to position themselves so they shout the foe into a wall, otherwise they might lose the opportunity to land an attack on their foe while they are still knocked down. All levels of this shout do not cause a great deal of direct damage, but can easily be used to throw enemies off cliffs and buildings which can cause quite a bit of damage from the resulting falls.

Word wall locations


  • Due to problems with the follower AI in such a fragmented world, quite a few times this shout helps to push the follower into the desired path, that the AI simply will not take (these are pathing bugs actually).
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