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During the storming of the White-Gold Tower, the Ayleids appointed as their champion "the terrible and golden-hued "half-Elf" Umaril the Unfeathered ... [who] would never know death".

Umaril first sent Thundernachs as harriers on the rebellion's long march back south and east but Pelinal's mace dispatched them. Al-Esh herself counseled delay, which caused Pelinal to grow furious, and swear a vendatta against Umaril.

Umaril favored ruin-from-afar over close combat and so he tarried in the shadows of the white tower before coming forth. The exact details of the battle were lost, when Umaril thought he had finally vanquished Pelinal, he "was laid low, the angel face of his helm dented into an ugliness which made Pelinal laugh, [and his] unfeathered wings broken off with sword strokes delivered while Pelinal stood [frothing]... above him insulting his ancestry and anyone else that took ship from Old Ehlnofey". This angered the other Elvish kings and drove them to a madness of their own and they cut Pelinal into eighths and left him for dead.

Morihaus found Whitestrake's head, which had been left as proof of their victory. Pelinal allegedly spoke again for the last time: "Beware, Morihaus, beware! With the foresight of death I know now that my foe yet lives, bitter knowledge to take to my grave. Better that I had died believing myself the victor. Although cast beyond the doors of night, he will return. Be vigilant! I can no longer shield the host of Men from Umaril's retribution."

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