The Kagrumez Gauntlet

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The Kagrumez Gauntlet
Prerequisite unlock first door in Kagrumez
Required Items 2–3× Kagrumez Resonance Gem
Type Miscellaneous
Quest Giver Kagrumez
Location Kagrumez, Fahlbtharz, Nchardak, Solstheim
Rewards Dwarven Black Bow of Fate
diverse loot
Alt Rewards
Required Level
Followed by
ID DLC2KagrumezQST
Quest Objectives

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

To open the three combination locked gates at [Kagrumez]] and pass all three trials, a total of four Kagrumez Resonance Gems are required (though there are actually five in the game).

Two of these gems can be found on the treasure-seeking Reavers in the main chamber. These two let you unlock the first door by replicating the pattern above the first gate:


Properly placing the gems in the central switchboard not only unlocks the gate (eventually), but also starts one of three trials, that the Dragonborn has to survive. Once the first gate is passed and the second is found, this quest is launched.

Find Resonance Gems across Solstheim to complete the Kagrumez trials[edit | edit source]

Systematic exploration of Solstheim will quite probably already have unearthed another Kagrumez Resonance Gem, found at Fahlbtharz in the Grand Hall right next to the Visage of Mzund.

Another such gem is located at Nchardak, but can only be accessed during The Path of Knowledge in the eastern part of Aqueduct, in a secret room, north-east of the switch that lowers the water.

It is easier to buy the fourth gem from Revus Sarvani, camping just north-west of Tel Mithryn. If only the Dragonborn was aware of this. Unfairly, he only sells the Kagrumez Resonance Gem once this quest has been launched, and not before. So the Dragonborn would need to be psychic to notice it.

Once you have at least four gems, open the next gate:


pass the trial, and then open the final gate:


Entering the room past this gate completes the quest.