Steepfall Burrow

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Steepfall Burrow
Lower Steepfall Burrow

Steepfall Burrow

Steepfall Burrow is an ice cave located due west of Fort Hraggstad and due north of Lost Echo Cave.

Inside is a natural bridge over a very deep chasm. On the other side of the bridge are some Frost Trolls (×2). There is also a copy of the skill book Mystery of Talara, v3 there.

If the Dragonborn is brave, a jump off the bridge and into the pool of water at the bottom of the chasm can be survived. Underwater, there is a chest (~100 Gold.png value (L54)) and a Grand Soul Gem, as well as an entrance to the lower part of the cave. This passage leads to an exit known as Lower Steepfall Burrow.

Places[edit | edit source]

Lower Steepfall Burrow[edit | edit source]

Lower Steelfall Burrow is located just east of Northwatch Keep, along the northern coast of Skyrim, and may be inhabited by an Ice Wolf.

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