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Staff of Magnus (item)

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Newheader left.png Disambig.png This article is about the weapon the Staff of Magnus. For other uses, see The Staff of Magnus. Newheader right.png

Staff of Magnus
Staff of Magnus.png
Absorb 20 magicka per second. If the target is out of magicka, absorb health instead.
Either hand
Base Value

Ability to cast Flames, Frostbite, and Sparks. The staff carries quite a large charge and so takes either a great number of Petty or Lesser soul gems, several Common or Greater or a few Grand/Black soul gems to charge.

The Staff of Magnus is a powerful staff and the only thing that can control the Eye of Magnus. It is currently owned by a Dragon Priest named Morokei who resides deep within Labyrinthian. You get to keep the Staff as a reward for the quest to defeat Ancano.

Quests[edit | edit source]