Spider Experiment Notes

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Spider Experiment Notes
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Notes describing how to create spiders in the imbuing chamber.

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Content[edit | edit source]

I've only tried a few combinations, but things look promising. Here's what I've discovered so far: / Ruby + Albino Pod = Jumping Flame Spider / Ruby + Damaged Pod = Exploding Flame Spider / Ruby + Salt Pile + Damaged Pod = 4 3 / Ruby + Salt Pile + Albino Pod = Flame Cloaked Spider / Looking at the results, it seems as though the purity of the gem could enhance the imbuing process in some unforeseen way. Perhaps if I could get my hands on a Flawless Ruby... / I have also theorized that if one were to mix most any of the ingredients in the previous experiments a new discovery is likely to be made. / Upon further inspection of both a diamond and a garnet it seems they don't contain the necessary power required. I know for a fact that a

ruby works, as seen in my previous experiments. Next I'll see how the reaction works with an amethyst, emerald, or even a sapphire. / There must be other types of spiders out there. Who knows what other kinds of imbuing processes have taken place. We'd best keep our eyes open. The source of the interaction will most likely be nearby, whatever new species we find.