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The Betrayed

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== Content ==
{{Quotation|Engwe Emeloth<br>Translated from Falmer Text by<br>Calcelmo of Markarth
|[[File:A_letterA letter.png|x40px|baseline|alt=A]]nd when the Snow Prince fell to ground,
The Ice Elves divided above and below.
One moment had shattered all they did know.
[[File:T_letterT letter.png|x40px|baseline|alt=T]]he once cool wind on their skin,
Now replaced with the heat of the flame.
Forgotten along with their name.
[[File:T_letterT letter.png|x40px|baseline|alt=T]]orn from their home of ice and frost,
Thrown into the pitch black dread of night.
As their eyes begin dimming the light.
[[File:C_letterC letter.png|x40px|baseline|alt=C]]hained and enslaved,
What once was light turned to blackness.