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Pickpocket is one of the stealth skills available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In order to pick a character's pockets, you must be sneaking. Approach the target from behind, and press E to bring up their inventory. Choose the item from their inventory you'd like to steal and select it. Once you've selected the item, it will be added to your inventory provided you weren't detected by the target.

It isn't a crime to look in another character's pockets. But any time you steal an item, there's a chance you may be detected. The higher your pickpocket skill, the lower the chance that you'll get caught.

It's also possible to plant an item into the target's inventory while pickpocketing. Just select the item from your own inventory, just like you would put something into a container.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Perks Requirements Description (Ranks)
Light Fingers None Pickpocketing bonus of 20%. Item weight and value reduce pickpocketing odds.
Pickpocket 20 Pickpocketing bonus of 40%. Item weight and value reduce pickpocketing odds.
Pickpocket 40 Pickpocketing bonus of 60%. Item weight and value reduce pickpocketing odds.
Pickpocket 60 Pickpocketing bonus of 80%. Item weight and value reduce pickpocketing odds.
Pickpocket 80 Pickpocketing bonus of 100%. Item weight and value reduce pickpocketing odds.
Night Thief Pickpocket 30, Light Fingers +25% chance to pickpocket if the target is asleep.
Cutpurse Pickpocket 40, Night Thief Pickpocketing gold is 50% easier.
Poisoned Pickpocket 40, Night Thief Silently harm enemies by placing poison in their pockets.
Extra Pockets Pickpocket 50, Night Thief Carrying capacity is increased by 100.
Keymaster Pickpocket 60, Cutpurse Pickpocketing keys almost always works.
Misdirection Pickpocket 70, Cutpurse Can pickpocket equipped weapons.
Perfect Touch Pickpocket 100, Misdirection Can pickpocket equipped items.

Trainers[edit | edit source]

Skillbooks[edit | edit source]

Potions[edit | edit source]

Apparel[edit | edit source]

Minor Deft Hands Deft Hands Major Deft Hands Eminent Deft Hands Exteme Deft Hands Peerless Deft Hands

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Thief – Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets