News/04 September 2012 - Hearthfire DLC Released for Xbox 360

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The second official Skyrim DLC, Hearthfire, has been released as of September 4, 2012; however at this writing, only Xbox 360 players can experience this mod.

Hearthfire allows the player to buy land in one of three different holds, and build a house to her or his own tastes. The finished structure can even include towers for enchantment and alchemy, as well as a garden and furniture. Once the DLC is downloaded from Xbox Live (for 400 points, or $5 US) and installed in Skyrim, players should watch for couriers to approach them in walled cities. For this to happen, however, they should have the favor of the Jarl of that city.

Players start with a small amount of building materials sufficient to build a cottage. More lumber can be bought from any sawmill, and iron bars available at blacksmiths can be transformed into nails and other implements. The player can also build a complete smithy at their new homestead, and smelt ore for themselves.