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Earth Stone
Tel Mithryn
Enchanting Trainer

Neloth is a master wizard observing the happenings around the Earth Stone. He does not seem to become affected by the hypnotic powers of the stone, and notes that the Dragonborn also seems to be mostly immune to them as well. Neloth does not plan to interfere with the work here, for he is too curious to find out about the outcome of all this.

When asked, he will tell of Morrowind, and when asked about Miraak he mentions remembering the name, pretty much as everyone on Raven Rock does, but he notes that this cannot make sense, since Miraak has been dead for thousands of years.

Later, at the Tel Mithryn settlement, he is encountered again, residing in the largest tower by the same name. There he tinkers in his expansive laboratory.

Also, here he will teach Enchanting, and sell weapons (unenchanted staves), scrolls, miscellaneous items (soul gems) and additionally buy apparel and books, and tell more about Morrowind.

The sudden death of his former steward, Varona Nelas, will not phase him much, he just wants a new one who can properly make tea in the quest Reluctant Steward. And his apprentice, Talvas Fathryon, is more than eager for the Dragonborn to find a replacement as quickly as possible.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Note[edit | edit source]

  • Even though Neloth will probably have encountered and talked to the Dragonborn at the Earth Stone, he does not seem to remember the encounter.