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Mzinchaleft is a large Dwarven ruin located south-west of the city of Dawnstar. The exterior is guarded by bandits, inside the structure Dwarven Spiders, Dwarven Spheres, Falmer and even Chaurus await.

Places[edit | edit source]

Outside the complex a note, the Mzinchaleft Work Order, explains Maluril Ferano's machinations with the bandits trying to loot Dwemer artefacts.

Mzinchaleft[edit | edit source]

One of the bandits has Maluril's Room Key on his body, the room contains a copy of A Dance in Fire, v7 and Maluril's Journal. All over the place the broken Dwemer machines and the dead bandits tell a tale of struggle.

Mzinchaleft Depths[edit | edit source]

A lift leads to the Mzinchaleft Depths which are the home of Falmer. One table behind a locked door contains a full set of Falmer Armor.

Mzinchaleft Gatehouse[edit | edit source]

The Gatehouse is guarded by a Dwarven Centurion Master and also houses a secret passageway to Blackreach which is opened using a dwarven mechanism. This is where Grimsever can be found as well, just right of the Centurion charging station.

Items of Note[edit | edit source]


  • Potions ×5, poisons ×2, bed roll ×2, stone bed ×4, Dwemer Gyro ×2 and chests ~1160, ~130 Gold.png value (L5).
  • Dwemer chests ~2230, ~1050 (on tubes), ~1200, ~4460 (near valve) Gold.png value (L58).