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Secunda Masser

There are two moons in the skies above Skyrim: Masser, the larger of the two and Secunda, the smaller.

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Khajiit[edit | edit source]

For the Khajiit, the phases of these two moons determine the sub-species of the kittens born during those phases. If the moons are aligned, which happens very rarely, then the kitten born is declared Mane. Otherwise, the sub-species are determined as shown below:

Masser's phase Secunda's phase Sub-species
Moon New.svg New Moon New.svg New Suthay
Moon New.svg New Moon Waxing.svg Waxing Ohmes-raht
Moon New.svg New Moon Full.svg Full Ohmes
Moon New.svg New Moon Waning.svg Waning Suthay-raht
Moon Waxing.svg Waxing Moon New.svg New Tojay
Moon Waxing.svg Waxing Moon Waxing.svg Waxing Cathay-raht
Moon Waxing.svg Waxing Moon Full.svg Full Cathay
Moon Waxing.svg Waxing Moon Waning.svg Waning Tojay-raht
Masser's phase Secunda's phase Sub-species
Moon Full.svg Full Moon New.svg New Pahmar
Moon Full.svg Full Moon Waxing.svg Waxing Senche-raht
Moon Full.svg Full Moon Full.svg Full Senche
Moon Full.svg Full Moon Waning.svg Waning Pahmar-raht
Moon Waning.svg Waning Moon New.svg New Dagi
Moon Waning.svg Waning Moon Waxing.svg Waxing Alfiq-raht
Moon Waning.svg Waning Moon Full.svg Full Alfiq
Moon Waning.svg Waning Moon Waning.svg Waning Dagi-raht

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Masser and Secunda in the night sky