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Maven Black-Briar

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Maven Black-Briar
Family Head, possibly Jarl
Black-Briar Manor Key
Maven's Personal Key

Maven Black-Briar is the head of the Black-Briar family and has most of Riften, including the Jarl, in her pocket. Rumours abound that Maven has strong ties to the Thalmor, Dark Brotherhood, and the Thieves' Guild. At least two of those rumours are confirmed during the Thieves' Guild and Blade quest lines. She is a ruthless business person and is known to either buy out any new competition to her meadery or drive them out of business using her criminal contacts.

Of late, she has been having trouble with a competing meadery and an unknown individual attempting to buy out her suppliers.

She is eventually promoted to Jarl if the Imperial Legion takes over Riften.

Maven is also one of the guests at Elenwen's reception at the Thalmor Embassy, invited due to her importance in Riften. Should the Dragonborn have played the Thieves' Guild quests, helping her in a few cases, she will recognize the Dragonborn, urging to keep the Guild quiet here at the reception.

Quests[edit | edit source]