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For the Khajiit, a Mane can be born only during the rare alignment of Masser and Secunda. According to Khajiit lore, during this alignment, a third moon actually is formed in the night sky, and a kitten born on that night becomes the new Mane.

There is said to be only one Mane alive at any given time, which supports the belief that the Mane is actually the same Khajiit being reincarnated again and again. This fact remains unchallenged, as there have never been two Manes competing for power. Contrary to popular belief, the Mane is not the "king" or "leader" of Elsweyr, or even of the Khajiit people themselves. However, he wields considerable power, as the Mane serves as the religious figurehead of the entire species.

The name derives from an ancient custom in which the Khajiit shaved off their own manes and braided them into locks which the ruling Mane then incorporated into his own. As the Khajiit population grew, this practice became inconvenient. No longer does every Khajiit give his mane to the Mane, but they still shave off their own. The Mane only wears the manes of his tribe and his guard. While this cuts down on the amount of hair worn, the Mane is still not capable of moving on his own, and requires a guard of Cathay-raht guardsmen to carry him around.