Long Bow

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Long Bow
Two hand
Base Value
Cannot be created at a forge
Upgrade Ingredient

A Long bow is a ranged weapon that your character can equip to increase their combat skills. The long bow can only be used in conjunction with arrows. The long bow and is widely available from blacksmiths and general stores. It can also be found on low-level combatants.

It is seen throughout the game and is used, mostly by bandits. It can be taken to a grindstone and improved; to what extent depends on the player's smithing skill alone, as the longbow is not subject to any smithing perks. It is also considered basic by most players; it is recommended to upgrade as soon as possible.


  • See bow for archery tactics and overall bow information.

While most choose to upgrade the Longbow to more powerful bows made of different metals; the Longbow is actually one of the best bows in the game for several reasons. First it is the lightest and therefore the fastest. At the highest smithing level the Longbow will do more damage than a Daedric bow because you can invest the 5 smithing perk points into archery damage. This means you will get more damage per second earlier in the game and it will cost you less money to get there.

All in all, Longbow is the most affordable, upgradeable, fast, quiet, and accessible bow in the game. It will require no smithing perks to get it's maximum potential (let alone smithing in heavy armors which many bow users don't use). IMHO Longbow is the best bow in the game.

For a comparison of the longbow with various other bows, see this link.