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Knifepoint Ridge

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Knifepoint Ridge

Knifepoint Ridge

Knifepoint Ridge is a bandit camp located in the hills due north of the Twilight Sepulcher. The camp is surrounded by a wooden palisade, and occupied by nine bandits. The camp is quite well equipped with a blacksmith forge, a grindstone, a workbench, an alchemy lab, several bed rolls and two hay piles.

It is also one of the possible locations of Kharjo's Moon Amulet.

Places[edit | edit source]

Knifepoint Mine[edit | edit source]

Knifepoint mine is located within the compound of Knifepoint ridge. It contains Corundum Ore Veins as well as Iron Ore Veins (×5). There is also a smelter inside the mine, in the south-west.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Items of Note[edit | edit source]