King Olaf's Verse

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King Olaf's Verse
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Quest Item
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A very faded copy of the fabled work of the bard, Svaknir which is requested by the headmaster of the Bards College, Viarmo. The only remaining copy is sadly, mostly illegible.


Quest[edit | edit source]

Content[edit | edit source]

King Olaf's Verse / O, Olaf, our subjugator, the one-eyed betrayer; / death-dealing demon and dragon-killing King. / Your legend is lies, lurid and false; / your cunning capture of Numinex, a con for the ages. / illegible text illegible text / Olaf grabbed power, by promise and threat; / From Falkreath to Winterhold, they fell to their knees; / But Solitude stood strong, Skyrim's truest protectors. / Olaf's vengeance was instant, inspired and wicked. / illegible text
illegible text / So ends the story of Olaf the liar, a thief and a scoundrel we of Solitude commit to the fire. In Solitude bards train for their service, they also gather each year and burn a King who deserves it.