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Golden Touch (achievement)

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Newheader left.png Disambig.png This article is about the achievement Golden Touch. For other uses, see Golden Touch. Newheader right.png

Golden Touch

The Golden Touch (achievement) achievement is obtained by amassing 100,000 gold.

This achievement could prove difficult to attain, some suggestions are listed below:

  1. Create and sell dragon armor.
  2. Make jewelry, enchant it, sell it. (The use of Lesser or Petty soul gems is recommended, as they are easy to obtain and will increase your enchanting skill just as much as using Grand Soul gems.)
  3. Serve your time in jail, as opposed to paying the fine.
  4. Sell (rather than store) any unwanted items.
  5. Obtain an item to fortify "Barter". Cicero's clothes are a good example of an item which does this. They fortify Barter by 20%, and are available through the Dark Brotherhood questline.