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Ebony Blade

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Ebony Blade
Two hand
11( depending on your two-handed perks)
Base Value
Upgrade Ingredient
Cannot be improved

The Ebony Blade is a fierce weapon of which absorbs the life essence of your foes. It is strengthened by the blood of deceit. It is discovered with the help of one of the Jarl's children, Nelkir, who has been displaying odd, antisocial behavior of late. The player character first hears of this by gossip in The Bannered Mare.

Mephala explains to the Dragonborn that to unlock the blade's true potential, he or she must kill NPCs they consider to be their friends. The blade begins with the ability to absorb 10 points of health. For every two friendly NPCs that are killed with the blade, the blade's Absorb Health effect increases by 4 points until a total of ten people have been betrayed. At that point the absorb health effect reaches a maximum of 30 points per hit.


  • Behind the Whispering Door in the basement of Dragonsreach in Whiterun

Quest[edit | edit source]