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Dwarven Centurion

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Dwarven Centurion
Dwemer Ruins
Attack Type(s)
Lava (The Forgemaster only)
No Soul
Dwarven Oil
Centurion Dynamo Core
Soul Gems
Centurions are the largest and most powerful constructs encountered. They stand twice the height of the average character and are very well armoured. Centurions can usually be found inactive in frames or charging stations. Once active, they are hostile to anything other than other Constructs. The Centurion has a hammer built into its right arm and an axe in its left. It can attack using those or by blowing out steam from its mouth. Centurions are slow, but powerful. Able to kill a player quickly but can easily be outrun.

Ranged attacks are a good strategy if the player is not very strong or well-armoured.

The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard

The Forgemaster is a Dwarven Centurion introduced in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. He guards the Aetherium Forge. He looks identical to other Dwarven centurions, but breathes lava rather than steam.


  • Dwarven Centurion
  • Dwarven Centurion Master
  • The Forgemaster