Dragon Investigation: Current Status

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Dragon Investigation: Current Status
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A letter from Rulindil to Elenwen


Content[edit | edit source]

First Emissary Elenwen, We anticipate a breakthrough in our efforts to uncover the party or power behind the dragon resurrection phenomenon. An informant has identified a possible lead, whom we have brought back to the Embassy for a full interrogation. The subject is obstinate, but by all indications is holding back the information we seek. I have authorized Intermediate  Manual Uncoiling - I do not expect more will be necessary, unless you feel time presses. / I know you prefer to be present for the final questioning; I will inform you immediately when the subject is fully receptive. Two days should tell the tale. / In the meantime, if you wish to audit our technique, your expertise is welcome, as always. I have placed the prisoner in the cell closest to your office stairs, for your convenience. / --Rulindil, 3rd Em.