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Shout Unrelent.png
Type Shout
Recharge 30, 35, 40
ID 00070981
Weapon rune.png
Weapon (Zun)
Hand rune.png
Hand (Haal)
Defeat rune.png
Defeat (Viik)
Shout defies steel, as you rip the weapon from an opponent's grasp.

This shout will cause an enemy to lose their weapon. If used on the Dragonborn, the player may need to search for the lost weapon to recover it. It appears this shout may also cause a Ring to be removed as well, which can be annoying because lost rings are generally too small to be easily recovered. Powerful Draugr are known to use this shout in addition to Unrelenting Force. Specifically, the Gauldurson draugrs use this shout on the Dragonborn.

Word wall locations[edit | edit source]