Compelling Tribute (Imperial)

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Compelling Tribute
Prerequisite The Battle for Fort Dunstad
Required Items {{{req_items}}}
Type Civil War


Quest Giver Legate Rikke
Location Rift Imperial Camp
Mistveil Keep
Rewards Gold.png scaled to level
Alt Rewards
Required Level
Followed by The Battle for Fort Greenwall
ID CWMission07
Quest Objectives

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

At the Rift Imperial Camp, Legate Rikke informs the Dragonborn that the steward to the Jarl of the Rift, Anuriel, is involved with the Thieves' Guild. She suggests that obtaining evidence of this involvement would be beneficial to the Legion in their campaign to regain the Rift.

Find evidence[edit | edit source]

Travel to Mistveil Keep in Riften, the Dragonborn finds a letter on the end table next to Anuriel's bed.

Blackmail Anuriel[edit | edit source]

The information in the letter is sufficient to confront the steward and gain her cooperation in exchange for keeping her secret.

Report to Legate Rikke[edit | edit source]

Once Anuriel's cooperation is assured, the Dragonborn reports back to Legate Rikke who then orders them to help intercept a wagon of goods bound for Riften.

Meet the men[edit | edit source]

So it is back to Riften to meet up with the Legionnaires, led by Hadvar.

Follow Hadvar and ambush enemy scout[edit | edit source]

Follow Hadvar and ambush the enemy scout who will divulge the location of the caravan.

Take over the caravan[edit | edit source]

Take over the caravan and loot it.

Report to Hadvar[edit | edit source]

Let Hadvar know that the mission was successful.

Report success to Legate Rikke[edit | edit source]

Return to Legate Rikke with the good news.

Notes[edit | edit source]