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Bring one Night Falls on Sentinel to Rustleif

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Bring one Night Falls on Sentinel to Rustleif
Required Items Night Falls on Sentinel
Type Miscellaneous
Quest Giver Rustleif
Location Dawnstar, anywhere the book exists
Rewards Smithing +1
Alt Rewards
Required Level
Followed by
Quest Objectives

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When the Dragonborn strikes up a conversation with Rustleif, the blacksmith in Dawnstar, he mentions that he would like a copy of Night Falls on Sentinel, a book containing Redguard lore, for his pregnant wife, Seren.

Bring one Night Falls on Sentinel to Rustleif[edit | edit source]

There are copies of the book in a crate in Swindler's Den, in Volunruud and at a bandit camp south of The Guardian Stones.

Once a copy of the skill book has been secured, the Dragonborn can return to Rustleif in Dawnstar and receive a reward of one extra point in the smithing skill tree.