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Aphia Velothi

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Aphia Velothi
Raven Rock
Restoration Trainer
Caerellius House Key

Aphia Velothi a former Dunmer priestess and wife of the much older but still resilient ex-miner Crescius Caerellius.

Initially she was asked to take care of the depressive recluse Crescius, nursing him back to health. Thereby falling in love with him.

Her greatest worry is Crescius' obsession with his great grandfather, Gratian Caerellius, who supposedly had an accident 200 years ago at the Raven Rock Mine according to the East Empire Company. Recently Crescius also slipped in the mine, so Aphia desperately hopes to talk some sense into him, fearing for his life.

Once the mine has been cleared by the Dragonborn, mining begins again. She is very grateful to the Dragonborn for she has never seen her husband more happy.