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High Elf
College of Winterhold
Ancano is a member of the College of Winterhold serving as advisor to the Arch-Mage. He is also an operative of the Thalmor. The other mages within the college dislike Ancano and find his presence at the college highly suspicious. Ancano in return, does not socialise much with the other mages and works to discover any secrets that might be of help to his Thalmor masters.

Ancano, while cutting a distinguished and noble figure by appearance and bearing exquisite speech and obvious intellect, very quickly bypasses all pretension to politic conversation and delivers his frequent ultimata with astonishing arrogance and imperiousness. This characteristic has made him so obviously an agent of the Thalmor rather than their representative or an advisor that the mages and students residing at the college are universally loathe to interact with him, even those who are also Altmer.

After the discovery of the Eye of Magnus, while the Dragonborn is away in Labyrinthian fetching the Staff of Magnus, Ancano somehow harnesses the power of the eye and locks himself in the room with the eye. He is clearly mad with power, and you are forced to fight and kill him.

His room is on the lower level of the Hall of Attainment.