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The reward for returning the Skeleton Key to the Ebonmere in the Twilight Sepulcher is the privilege of becoming an Agent of Nocturnal. There are three types of Agent of Nocturnal: Agent of Stealth, Agent of Subterfuge and Agent of Strife, and once the Dragonborn obtains the privilege, he/she may choose any of them. This choice need not be permanent, after waiting 24 hours, the Dragonborn may choose either of the other two roles.


Agent of Stealth[edit | edit source]

Represented by a crescent moon, the Agent of Stealth gains the power "Shadowcloak of Nocturnal". Once a day for 120 seconds, entering Sneak Mode grants the Dragonborn Invisibility. Note that this form of invisibility has the same limits as that granted by potions or the Invisibility spell, meaning that the effect is dispelled as soon as the Dragonborn engages in an activity other than simple movement. This includes opening doors or containers, attacking other NPCs, pickpocketing items, casting spells, or activating items. Unlike potions or the spell, however, this invisibility resumes if the Dragonborn re-enters sneak mode.


Agent of Subterfuge[edit | edit source]

Represented by a half moon, the Agent of Subterfuge gains the power "Nightingale Subterfuge", which allows the Dragonborn to cloud the judgment of an NPC once a day for 30 seconds and cause them to fight on their side. This is similar to the Frenzy and Fury effects and spells but does not put the Dragonborn in any danger.


Agent of Strife[edit | edit source]

Represented by a full moon, the Agent of Strife gains the power "Nightingale Strife", which allows the Dragonborn to absorb 100 points of Health from a target once per day.