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The Only Cure

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The Only Cure
Prerequisite Dragon Rising
Type Daedric

Quest Giver Kesh the Clean
Location Shrine to Peryite
Rewards Spellbreaker
Alt Rewards
Required Level 10 (Triggered by Afflicted Refugee)
12 (Triggered by Kesh)
Followed by
Quest Objectives

There is a fuming incense at the wilderness shrine to Peryite. Inhaling this is supposed to help me commune with the Daedric Prince.

— Player


[edit] Walkthrough

This quest can be triggered either by randomly encountering an Afflicted Refugee (after reaching level 10) which adds the location of the Shrine to Peryite to the Dragonborn's map or by speaking with Kesh the Clean (after reaching level 12).

[edit] Obtain some Vampire Dust

If you intend to get the ruby from Shriekwind Bastion, slay one of its vampires for its dust while you're there. Otherwise, any vampire dungeon will do.

[edit] Obtain a Deathbell

Deathbell can be found all over Skyrim, either as plants or as cuttings. The biggest concentration can be found in the Forelhost Refectory. The flower can be picked or stolen in and around Solitude, where they appear in abundance, including in the main trading room of Angeline's Aromatics and the teachers' rooms in the Bards College. Many of these flowers can also be harvested in the depths of Forsaken Crypt, and the swampy marshes north of Morthal teem with them.

[edit] Obtain a Silver Ingot

To obtain this, follow Kesh's advice. Head east down the mountain from the shrine and locate the mining town of Karthwasten. Just outside the entrance to Fenn's Gulch Mine is a smelter with several silver ingots scattered around.

[edit] Obtain a Flawless Ruby

Arguably the hardest of these items to obtain, as the standard way of doing so depends on randomly finding one while Mining. However, you can dependably pick one up from inside Shriekwind Bastion: Halfway through the dungeon, locate a blood-spattered room containing a single throne. Examine the floor near the unlit fire pit on the right for the ruby. The dungeon is inhabited by Vampires so you may as well obtain the Vampire Dust while you are there. Alternatively, you can find a Flawless Ruby on a remote, crashed boat which contains various gems. This is north of Reachwater Rock at a bend in the river there.

[edit] Deliver the Ingredients

[edit] Inhale the fumes

[edit] Kill Orchendor

[edit] Report Orchendor's death to Peryite