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16 Accords of Madness to Ancient Shrouded Gloves
Ancient Tales of the Dwemer to Bandit Marauder
Bandit chief to Bonemold Armor of Health
Bonemold Armor of Major Health to Cave
Cave Bear to Conjuration
Conjuration Dual Casting to Daedric Greatsword of Exhaustion
Daedric Greatsword of Expelling to Death Hound
Death Hound Collar to Dragonscale Boots of Frost Abatement
Dragonscale Boots of Frost Suppression to Dwarven Dagger of Fear
Dwarven Dagger of Flames to Ebony Battleaxe of the Sorcerer
Ebony Battleaxe of the Vampire to Edla's House Key
Eduj to Elven Mace of Banishing
Elven Mace of Binding to Falmer Hardened Armor Set
Falmer Hardened Boots to Fourth Era
Fox to Glass Dagger of Immobilizing
Glass Dagger of Leeching to Great Critical Charge
Great Harbingers to Hide Boots
Hide Boots of Dwindling Flames to Ilas-Tei's Ring
Ildari's Journal to Iron Dagger of Fatigue
Iron Dagger of Fear to Keerava's Key
Kematu to Largashbur Cellar
Large Antlers to Mage's Guild
Mage Armor to Museum Pamphlet
Mushroom to Nordic Armor of Major Alteration
Nordic Armor of Major Conjuring to Nordic War Axe of Thunderbolts
Nordic War Axe of Torpor to Orcish Helmet of Eminent Conjuring
Orcish Helmet of Eminent Destruction to Poison Talons
Poison damage to Regenerate Stamina
Regeneration to Robes of Major Conjuration
Robes of Major Destruction to Scroll of Ice Storm
Scroll of Invisibility to Slow
Slow Time to Staff of the Storm Atronach
Staff of the Storm Wall to Stalhrim Sword of Despair
Stalhrim Sword of Devouring to Steel Plate Boots of Frost Suppression
Steel Plate Boots of Hauling to Temper a Hide Helmet
Temper an Iron Dagger to There Be Dragons
Thief to Varnius Junius
Varona Nelas to Woodcutter's Axe
Wooden Bowl to Zun Haal Viik