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Map of Skyrim

The farthest northern province known as Skyrim, home of the Nordic peoples and humans in general in the land of Tamriel. Originally the home the the Snow Elves, or Falmer, the Nedes, the first humans on Tamriel and direct evolutionary ancestors of the Nords (and Imperials, also crossbreeding with the Falmer, and other Mer, resulted in the Bretons), crossed the Sea of Ghosts from the frozen, arctic wasteland continent of Atmora and arrived on Tamriel, eventually causing the the extiction of the Falmer. Atmora eventually 'died', covered in frost, anyone or anything left on the continent dying out.

Each skyrim city is likely to contain places to buy and sell everything. The most nordic city will probably be the most northerly one. Near to Morrowind will be like Cheydinhal (but colder) and closer to Hammerfell more like Anvil (but colder).


[edit] Marked Locations

[edit] Campsite.svg Camps

Bandit and Forsworn camps.

[edit] Castles icon.gif Castles

[edit] Cave.svg Caves

[edit] Cities icon2.gif Cities

[edit] Dragon.svg Dragon Lairs

[edit] DwemerRuins.svg Dwemer Ruins

[edit] Farm.svg Farms

[edit] FarmWithMill.svg Farms with mills

[edit] Fort.svg Forts

[edit] GiantCamp.svg Giant Camps

[edit] Grove.svg Groves

[edit] ImperialCamp.svg Imperial Camps

Camps of Imperial troops.

[edit] ImperialTower.svg Imperial Towers

[edit] Mine.svg Mines

[edit] Nordic Dwellings Nordic Dwellings

[edit] Nordic Ruins Nordic Ruins

[edit] Nordic Towers Nordic Towers

[edit] OrcStronghold.svg Orc Strongholds

[edit] Points of Interest Points of Interest

Landmarks, such as mountains, monuments and points of interest.

[edit] Settlement.svg Shack.svg Settlements

[edit] Shipwreck.svg Ships and Shipwrecks

[edit] DaedricShrine.svg Shrines

Daedric shrines and Shrines to the Nine Divines (not marked with this icon)

[edit] Stable.svg Stables

Places where you can buy a horse.

[edit] StandingStone.svg Standing Stones

Magical stones which give special abilities or powers.

[edit] StormcloakCamp.svg Stormcloak Camps

Camps of Stormcloak troops.

[edit] Settlement.svg Towns

[edit] WoodMill.svg Wood mills

[edit] Unmarked Locations

[edit] Holds

Political regions in Skyrim.

[edit] Houses

[edit] Inns and Taverns

Inns, Taverns and other places of entertainment and temporary lodgings.

[edit] Stores

Merchants' stores.

[edit] Word Walls

[edit] Bodies of water

Lakes, rivers, and seas.

[edit] Other Places

Places that don't fit to any category.