Kodlak Whitemane

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Kodlak Whitemane is the current Harbinger of The Companions, and is a member of The Circle. He does not give orders, but his word is highly respected both inside Jorrvaskr and through all the nine holds.

He can be found in the Jorrvaskr. He is very well respected within The Companions and though he is not considered a leader, his words carry a lot of weight. Kodlak was killed in a Silver Hand assault on Jorrvaskr in revenge for a similar raid performed by the Dragonborn in revenge for the killing of Skjor. He is succeeded as Harbinger by the Dragonborn.

Although a member of The Circle and therefore a werewolf, in life Kodlak was very concerned that his dual nature made him closer spiritually to a Daedra Lord, Hircine, instead of to the Nine Divines. So, when the Dragonborn had the opportunity to cure him of lycanthropy, it was done. Kodlak now dwells in Sovngarde, as he so desperately wished near the end of his days.


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