Frostflow Lighthouse

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Frostflow Lighthouse

Frostflow Lighthouse

Frostflow Lighthouse is a lighthouse located in the north of Skyrim, west of Winterhold and east of Dawnstar. Inside there is a cooking pot and above it on the mantle, a Torchbug in a Jar. On the floor are the remains of Ramati, the wife of the lighthouse keeper, Habd with his journal.

In addition to the kitchen area, there are two bedrooms. The children's bedroom contains Sudi's Journal and the parents' bedroom has a copy of Ramati's Journal.

[edit] Places

[edit] Cellar

There are a few bear traps leading down to the cellar. In the cellar proper is a tanning rack and a number of barrels and shelves. There is also an opening in the wall leading to icy caves. There are also some chaurus.

[edit] Brazier

The brazier is located at the top of the ladder upstairs at the lighthouse.

[edit] Frostflow Abyss

The Frostflow Abyss is a series of icy caves where the bodies of Sudi and Mani are found in a falmer camp. With Sudi are a Bloodstained Note and a Scrawled Page.

Further in is a chaurus lair, with a Chaurus Reaper and the remains of the lighthouse keeper.

The area is also a very rich source of both Glowing Mushrooms and Chaurus Eggs. There is also a Quicksilver Ore Vein here.

[edit] NPCs

All the inhabitants of the lighthouse are deceased before the Dragonborn ever meets them.

[edit] Quests