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Dimhollow Cavern

Dimhollow Crypt

Dimhollow Crypt is a location featured in the Dawnguard add-on. It is located southwest of Dawnstar, near the Lord Stone. It is the location of one of the word walls for the shout Drain Vitality, as well as where Serana is trapped.

Inside the crypt are a number of vampires and their thralls, as well as draugr and skeletons. Additionally, there are eight Malachite Ore Veins.

[edit] Places

[edit] Dimhollow Cavern

Dimhollow Cavern is the largest chamber in Dimhollow Crypt. In Notes on Dimhollow Crypt, Vol. 3, which are found in the cavern, Vigilant Adalvald described it thusly: "Central to this huge cavern is an island of stone in a subterranean lake. Upon this island is something I can only describe as an elaborate ceremonial construction surrounded by stone columns linked by arches. There is no mistaking the stark contrast in architecture here; no ancient Nords made this stonework. Here, too, were more of the gargoyle statues that I first glimpsed in earlier passageways."

It is here that Serana is trapped and the word wall is found.

[edit] Quests